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Why You'll Love ChatGPT In Your Email

Send@EmailTo.AI — the easiest way to use GPT-4o for free
Explore What's Possible With GPT in Email
We're more than a one-trick pony! Check out what else you can do with some natural language prompting and the capabilities EmailTo.AI gives you.
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Make GPT Write Replies

Receive an email from someone, but don’t know how to respond? Simply forward the message to Send@EmailTo.AI, ask it to craft a reply, and wait for the perfect answer to be sent back to you.

Easily Convert Files

Change documents and files from one format to another. Whether it's turning a PNG image into a JPEG or converting a MOV video file to MP4, just attach the file to an email, and we'll handle the rest.

Unzip In Email

Never leave the comfort of your email. Zip and unzip without additional software, and without unnecessary downloads. Attach and send us your files, and we'll email you back exactly what you need.
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Set Reminders

Never forget to write a follow-up email, attend an important meeting, or watch a game of your favorite team. Set reminders by simply writing 'Remind me about...' to Send@EmailTo.AI.

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EmailTo.AI F.A.Q.

All your burning questions about having free ChatGPT-4 in your email – answered right here

Shoot an email to Send@EmailTo.AI. That's it. You'll get an answer back from GPT-4o when necessary.
EmailTo.AI enables ChatGPT-powered email responses. Send us your question, and you'll get a reply straight in your inbox that’s generated by the latest GPT model.
Yes. Keeping your data secure is our top priority, and we stick closely to GDPR rules. We have strong security measures in place to make sure of it.
No, we respect our users and avoid getting caught in spam filters. We only send messages in response to your requests, reminders according to your specifications, and our weekly newsletter if you have subscribed to it. You can always delete a reminder or unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. We respect your boundaries and never send unwanted messages.
Ads and partner deals keep the lights on here. This setup helps us handle the costs from OpenAI, so we can keep offering you free GPT-4 access.
Check the spam folder; sometimes, messages go there. Unspam it and continue the conversation. If this doesn't help, please contact the support team via
We handle all popular files for conversion. Think WEBP to PNG, SVG to JPG, MOV to MP4, WAW to MP3, and more.
Full list of supported formats:
Email lets you send files and write messages where you're already spending most of your time communicating. Not only that, but it forces you to write more thoughtful messages, in a more natural way. This, in turn, generates better answers from GPT.
Plus, using email is perfect if you're on slow internet, older devices, or don't have browser access. No extra logins or passwords needed!
It varies depending on the size of the message, the additional functions used, and the model of GPT. We will inform you about the remaining quota at the end of each message, so it will never be a surprise.
Write your message to or directly to the CEO on LinkedIn. You can contact us with any questions, including advertising, partnerships, and reporting issues.

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Example Emails to Send@EmailTo.AI
Check out some of the creative ways our customers have used GPT-4 in emails
To: Send@EmailTo.AI
Subject: File Converting

Hey, nice to see you again, EmailTo.AI!
My designer sent me these files, but they are too large. Can you convert them into JPEGs with a reasonable size? The files are attached.
Waiting for your answer!
To: Free@EmailTo.AI
Subject: Unzip Archives

Hello, EmailTo.AI!
I need your help. A client sent me these archives. Please unzip the files for me. I'm on my phone and can't do it myself!
Waiting for the unzipped files back!
To: Send@EmailTo.AI
Subject: Summarize Email

Hey, EmailToAI,
Can you summarize this email for me in 5-6 sentences using bullet points? Please make it brief!
---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Corporate Chat <...@mail...>
Date: Mon, Jun 25, 2024 at 11:01 AM...
To: Send@EmailTo.AI
Subject: Write an email to my boss

Hello, EmailTo.AI!
I want to ask my boss for a raise because I've been working hard for more than two years as a product manager, but I don't know how to write about it. Can you help me create a persuasive email that my boss won’t be able to refuse?
To: Send@EmailTo.AI
Subject: Sports Reminders

I would like to receive notifications about the matches of my favorite soccer teams: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Borussia Dortmund. 
Thank you!
To: Send@EmailTo.AI
Subject: Remind me

Remind me every last Thursday of each month to pay my apartment rent to my landlord.
To: Send@EmailTo.AI
Subject: Reminder

Please remind me about the event mentioned in the forwarded email.
---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Corporate Chat <...@mail...>
Date: Mon, Jun 25, 2024 at 11:01 AM
The EmailTo.AI Roadmap
We have ambitious plans to make advanced AI models accessible to everyone.
The future is bright, starting with these features.
31 March 2024
Send an email to any EmailTo.AI address to receive a ChatGPT response directly in your inbox. Easily handle threads, replies, and forwards — all fully integrated with ChatGPT.
15 Apr 2024
Convert attached files without leaving your email environment. Forward the message with the attached file and request a conversion. EmailTo.AI will return the file in the correct format.
25 Apr 2024
Zip and unzip directly within your email by simply forwarding your message with the attached file to us. No extra software or downloads required. We'll process it and send back exactly what you need.
21 May 2024
Imagine AI that can send an email reminder about important events. EmailTo.AI sends reminders for recurring events or sports matches with just your simple request.
This Quarter
Too busy to read long attached documents? Ask EmailTo.AI to make a summary for you, and read a short report instead.
Next Quarter
We want to save our users' time by automating manual tasks in the background. We’ll use AI to help them track prices or notify them about meaningful events like the aurora.
This Year
Edit images directly within your email. If you need any design modifications, you’ll be able to make a request and have the fixed version sent right back to your inbox.
Next Year
Produce texts, images, and even videos right from your email. You will be able to take your content creation to the next level – and save time and energy while doing so.
Request A Feature
Have something you’d like to see?
Share your potential use case with us, and we'll add your request to our plans.


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